Version 7.11.2

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Implements the oembed response specification found at Takes in a mediasuite player URL, and returns that URL wrapped in an iframe to be embedded in any site that accepts the Oembed specs. URLs must conform to the format. Accepts player.php URLs with p/{project_uuid}, v/{program_uuid}, e/{live_event_uuid}, or s/{live_series_uuid} params.

URL Format



Name Req Type Description
url string The urlencoded permalink for a project/program
apiv string The service version
mode string Specifies response mode. Can be {'xml','json'}.

Request Headers


Possible Responses

  • xxx {oembed object response}
  • 338 Invalid Project UUID
  • 305 Invalid Program UUID
  • 312 Invalid Live Event UUID
  • 313 Invalid Live Series UUID

Example Response

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
        <reason>No Service Calls</reason>
        <dtstamp>2020-11-26 09:09:30</dtstamp>