Version 7.11.2

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Returns transcoding job detail for the given transcoding job The current_event_progress is the percent complete of the current event hence if the event is Transcoding, and current_event_progress is 95, then the file is almost finished (95%) transcoding, but hasn't started uploading to cdn. The progress number is the overall percentage of completion for the output. Valid states include: pending, waiting, processing, finished, failed, and cancelled

URL Format



Name Req Type Description
app_token string The user api token
p string The assetid of the corresponding media asset.
j string The jobid of the corresponding transcoing job. Either jobid or assetid needs to be passed as param
c string Client (Account) token for the corresponding account.
mode string A flag signaling return type for the service. This service only supports "json"

Request Headers


Possible Responses

  • 639 Transcoding job found
  • 704 Invalid job id
  • 102 Invalid app token
  • 637 Invalid Asset
  • 705 Cannot reach transcoding engine
  • 706 Error creating transcoding job

Example Response

  "response": {
    "success": {
      "code": 639,
      "message": "Transcoding job found",
      "details": ""
    "getTranscoderJobStatus": {
      "state": "processing",
      "outputs": [
          "current_event_progress": 95,
          "id": 175756387,
          "current_event": "Transcoding",
          "state": "processing",
          "progress": 85
          "id": 175756388,
          "state": "finished"
          "id": 175756389,
          "state": "finished"
      "input": {
        "state": "finished",
        "assetid": 1035896,
        "jobid": 72831126
      "progress": 95.5