Version 7.11.2

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Returns a list of programs within a specific project. The project can be either a category project or a normal project. In either case, a category element will be returned to wrap the requested programs. If the project is non-category, then certain information will be blank, such as category id, category name, etc... If the project is a category project, a category id should be specified. If the category id is not specified, the results will be pulled from the first category found. Note: the default category may not contain any programs, and thus will return an empty set. Results can be paginated by using the start and end params together. Though not necessary, most requests should utilize these params as load time and the resulting stream size will be greatly reduced. This service is meant to replace GetProgramsByCategory.

URL Format



Name Req Type Description
client_uuid uuid The uuid of the client to see the history of
app_token string The user api token
start int The start range of Assets to return. Must be used in conjunction with end. Zero-based index
end int The end range of Assets to return. Used in conjunctions with start. Will return a subset of available assets. Used primarily for pagination. Zero-based inclusive index: E.G. /start/0/end/4/ will return five assets from the beginning.
mode string A flag signaling return type for the service. This service is only compatable with json

Request Headers


Possible Responses

  • 304 assets Found
  • 306 Invalid Client ID
  • 102 Invalid app token

Example Response