versión 8.0


Function Description
Function Description
WsAnalyticsJob Creates a new analytics job
Function Description
WsAssetAssociatedFile Adds a new associated file to an asset, this must be a valid existing asset
WsAssetAssociatedLink Adds a new associated link to an asset
WsAssetCaptionFile Adds a new caption file to an asset, file must be uploaded separetely and path provided in this service
WsAssetCustomEmbed Creates asset custom embed
WsAssetFile Adds a new assetfile to an asset
WsPresentationSlide Add a new slide to a presentation
WsRetranscodeAsset Re transcodes an existing asset
WsThumbnail Add a thumbnail to a video or audio asset.
Function Description
WsFolder Add a new folder to an account
Function Description
WsLiveNote Adds a new live note to a live project
Function Description
WsLogin Get an user token
Function Description
WsPaletteReport Create request to send palette report
Asset Functions
Function Description
AddFileAsset Ingest file asset into a particular account.
AddImageAsset Ingest image asset into a particular account.
AddMediaAsset Ingest media asset into a particular account.
AddPresentationAsset Ingest presentation asset into a particular account.
WsVimeoPublish Publishes asset to Vimeo for the specified Vimeo account
WsYouTubePublish Publishes asset to YouTube for the specified YouTube account
Program Functions
Function Description
WsMidRollAd Ads a new mid roll ad to a program
WsProgram Creates a new program